Windsor Newton Professional Water Colour Painting Sticks

Windsor and Newton professional Water colour Sticks

Yeeha! Windsor and Newton Professional Water colour painting sticks.

I was given a few colours only 6 but, do ye know what, it’s enough for me to like them.

Windsor and Newton Professional water colour painting sticks are relatively new to the market

I will do a bullet point blog on them

1/ 48 professional pigment colour

2/ can use them as water colours in the same way you would with a pan.

3/ I drew straight on to the water colour paper with the sticks and them I invited the paint to soften around the edges. It works well and does not stick to the paper or clog up.

4/ You can dip the end of the water colour stick into a water container and use just as it is straight on to the paper, soften as you go with a water spray. ( if you want to)

5/ Because of the shape you can get a real good clean edge to draw with.

6/ when you have painted with them and let the pain dry. You can add water AT ANY TIME. (so, they say) to move the paint about again. Super

7/They have a very good light fastness.

8/ My favorite one, wet the tip, make sure it is good and wet , using a brush you can then flick paint straight from the stick. Yeeha!

9/one really good point, the wrapper is serrated into quarters, so you don’t have to ripe the whole lot off and end up with messy stick

10/ Because this paint is a stick, it can be good for stamping. Just rub the stick in the base of the stamp and there you go.

Hope you try them.