watercolour painting classes & workshops

Why not join me for a watercolour painting class or workshop?

Whatever level you feel you are at, I am confident you will leave with a piece of work to be very proud of. There’s a class or workshop for everyone regardless of whether you are starting to learn from scratch  or have already reached an intermediate or advanced level of painting with watercolours!

Beginners Course / Intermediate

Have you ever thought that you would love to paint in watercolours but always felt that you did not know enough? Well you don’t need to know a thing. This course will teach you everything from how to mix paint to the basic watercolour techniques needed to paint your own special painting and much more, and at the end of a week or two depending on progress, you will have a painting to take home with you.

Advanced Course

Are you already painting to a good standard in water colour? do you feel like your art might need some inspirational new technique? Come and see what an advanced class may do for you. I will teach you new and varied techniques to develop your art further.