Morning Wake Up

Morning wake-up.

Have you ever got up in the morning and thought maybe I should have stayed in bed or maybe I should have gone shopping instead of going into the studio to paint?

I have this quite often especially if I have had a bad sleep, but this is my Business and I need to get some work done. So, to ease my head I always do a morning wake up. (see video)

There could be many reasons why people would say “noooo I don’t need to do that”

But I do and my reasoning for this is, starting my day this way sets the mood. For me play painting relaxes me, shows me just why I’m doing this so much that I fall in love with water colour painting every day I do my morning wake up. Just the routine of setting up my paints getting fresh water and a clean fresh piece of 140lb white paper (I don’t stretch it unless I have done it the day before) is the bees’ knees to me. Doing my morning wake up seems to set the scene for me it takes me into another place and I tend to stay there until I walk out with some work done.

This is my way of putting myself in the right mood for the day, yours may be so different but what ever it is that gets you into your studio, table, corner in the living room and put’s your head into the right place and allows you to settle down with out the general niggles of life is good by me.

Enjoy your art how ever you do it. It’s good for the mind, soul and definitely your artistic creative you.


I would love to know how you start your day?